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Dr. Uwe Schleiff
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List of International Reports and Consultancies

  • Assessment of Soil Salinity on Sites Proposed for Sustainable Cultivation of Drip Irrigated Fruit Trees and Intercrops (China/Xinjiang/KFW)

  • Soils of Agriculture Sector Rehabilitation Project (Liberia/AfDB)

  • Conceptual Masterplan for Milk Production Facility (QDC/QATAR):
    - land and water requirement
    - re-use of slurry and digestate
    - fertilizer planning
    - pricing for irrigation water

  • Soil Reclamation measures proposed for cropped fields after misfertilisation with a contaminated digestate (from biogas production) (GERMANY)

  • Field Study on Soils and Irrigated Fodder Production for a Dairy Farm QDC/QATAR

  • Evaluation of Soil Salinity in Kashgar Prefecture/Xinjiang/CHINA

  • Field Study on Present Crop Production and Proposals for the Future under the LKIHP/Afghanistan

  • Rapid Appraisal of Soils and Suitability Mapping for the LKIHP/Afghanistan

  • Pre-Feasibility Study for the Merowe Irrigation Project/SUDAN: Soil Reconnaissance Study (LI)

  • Study on the Brackish Water Development of OMAN (Parsons Intern./MRMEWR)

  • Evaluation of the 'Detailed Soil Survey and Land Suitability Classification of El Multaga Scheme. Merowe Dam and Hydropower Project/SUDAN (Lahmeyer Internat.)

  • Soil Salinity and Fertility in the Southern Jordan Valley: Report on Short-Term Consultancy and Training Course; Brackish Water Project, JORDAN (GTZ)

  • Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment of Three Minor Irrigation Schemes - Rajasthan/INDIA Minor Irrigation Programme (KfW/DMIS)

  • Review of recent salinity research activities in Bangladesh and planning the future organisation and research activities of SMRC (Salinity Management and Research Center) near Khulna/BANGLADESH (DANIDA/KAMPSAX)

  • Review and further development of the present monitoring activities of SRDI related to the Coastal Salinity of BANGLADESH

  • Prediction of Environmental Impacts caused by the transformation of an agricultural area into a business area on the neighbouring forest

  • Project Review: Soil Testing, Management and Development of Soil Resource Development Institute (SRDI)/BANGLADESH

  • Project appraisal: Protection of natural ressources and environment of the Senegal-valley/ MAURITANIA

  • Agro-pedological approach for the monitoring of soil and water salinity; irrigation project of the lower valley of the Medjerda river and Ras Djebel/TUNISIA

  • Preparation of a desalinisation programme for selected sites around the Lac Oro/MALI.

  • Rapid evaluation of salinisation progress of soils at the Lac Horo/MALI

  • Study on nature conservation issues connected with the construction of the Russia-Western gas-pipeline - Polish section/POLAND (CES/EIB, 1996)

  • Critical analysis of local procedures for fertilizer recommendations to various farm crops with special respect to environmental aspects; Institutional Support Programme of ICPP, Improved Crop Production Project in XINJIANG/ Peoples Republic of CHINA (on behalf of DANAGRO/EU, 1995)

  • Comments on the irrigation technics used in the lower Mejerda Valley/TUNISIA and the applied salinity monitoring (KfW, 1995)

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Study for a wastewater treatment plant of the community of TRIPOLI/LEBANON with special reference to marine pollution (CES/EIB, 1995)

  • Evaluation of the potential for the re-use of pretreated wastewater and sludges in agriculture and horticulture in the region of TRIPOLI/LEBANON (CES/EIB, 1995)

  • Protection of the resource drinking water of the reservoir Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah/MOROCCO (SMBA) from eroded phosphates (on behalf of GTZ, 1994)

  • Study on the effects of intensive farming practice on groundwater quality; in the region of Kenitra/ MOROCCO (on behalf of GTZ, 1994)

  • Planning and implementation of a laboratory for soil and water analysis. Institutional Support Programme of ICPP Improved Crop Production Project in XINJIANG/ Peoples Republic of CHINA (on behalf of DANAGRO/EU, 1994)

  • Estimation of groundwater recharge due to supplementary irrigation of crops with municipal waste water of WOLFSBURG/ GERMANY (on behalf of GGU, 1993)

  • Reduction of refuse dump seepage from a sanitary landfill due to rainfall by dimensioning of an adequate soil and vegetation cover, Braunschweig/GERMANY (on behalf of GGU, 1992)

  • Proposal for monitoring salt induced environmental problems and testing a Rapid Appraisal for soil salinity in the region of TRARZA/ROSSO, MAURETANIE (on behalf of GTZ, 1992)

  • Estimation of ecological and salinity risks in the region of TRARZA/ ROSSO, MAURETANIE (on behalf of GTZ, 1992)

  • Evaluation of the environmental impact due to surface sealing on the natural water supply of an adjacent forest near WOLFSBURG/GERMANY (on behalf of GGU, 1991)

  • Study on the evaluation of salinity problems in the irrigation project TINAJONES/PERU (monitoring of soil salinity and re-use of drainwater for irrigation; (on behalf of SCG-Consult, Salzgitter, 1991)

  • Study on salinity problems in the irrigation project TINAJONES/PERU - sector Ferrenafe (on behalf of SCG-Consult, Salzgitter, 1990/91)

  • Land evaluation for rice production in the plain of KOULOU/NIGER (AGROTECHNIK, 1990)

  • Evaluation of environmental impact due to reconstruction of a golf course near WOLFSBURG/ GERMANY (on behalf of GGU, 1990)

  • Continuation of the field experiments for the melioration of saline soils at the LAC HORO/MALI (on behalf of WIP-Consult, 1990)

  • Evaluation of the crop production project "LAC HORO"/MALI in cooperation with Dr. Lindauer and Dr. Adrian (on behalf of the BMZ, Bonn; 1987)

  • Evaluation of the possibilities to irrigate the de-monstration plots of the training center CPRA JENDOU- /TUNISIA with special reference to the soil salinity (on behalf of the GTZ, Eschborn; 1986)

  • Lectures on the "Evaluation of irrigation water quality" and the "growth of crops in relation to soil salinity and nutrient supply" in DONGYING, province SHANDONG, CHINA. (on behalf of the GTZ, Eschborn; 1985)

  • Study on the significance of soil salinity for the crop production on the state farms HUANG HE and LAI YHOU WAN in the province SHANDONG/People's Republic of CHINA. (on behalf of the GTZ, Eschborn; 1985)

  • Investigations on soils and establishment of a land classification map for the irrigation project LADGO II /Benoue in CAMEROON. (on behalf of the GTZ, Eschborn; 1984)

  • Report of the "progress of the project and recommendations for continuation" for an irrigation project in Bas Saloum/SENEGAL. (Project evaluation on behalf of the GTZ, Eschborn, in cooperation with Dr. D. Boettcher and Dr. J. Dressler; 1984)

  • Study on the salinization danger in the region of Funcho/ Algarve (PORTUGAL) by irrigation and evaluation of the water quality of existing sources (on behalf of the GTZ Eschborn 1983)

  • Study on the phosphorus supply of soils and crops under irrigation. (Hofuf Agric. Research Center, SAUDI ARABIA; 1979)

  • Study on the potassium supply of soils and crops under irrigation with water of different qualities. (Hofuf Agric. Research Center, SAUDI ARABIA; 1978)

  • Study on salt contents in the soil solution far and near the roots under controlled irrigation of onions with different water qualities (Hofuf Agricult. Research Center, SAUDI ARABIA; 1978)

  • Establishing a land classification map in Joufrah/LIBYA for an irrigation project. (WAKUTI, 1974)

  • Evaluation of land classification maps for irrigation projects in LIBYA: Joufrah, Ghodva, Um el Araneb, El Beder West, El Beder Ost, Meskuin und Zawila. (by order of WAKUTI Karl Erich Gall KG, Siegen; 1973)