Handbook for the Salinity and Soil Fertility Kit. A portable field laboratory for soil, water and plant analysis. U. Schleiff; self-published; 168 p.; copies can be ordered from the order form of the following homepage: http://salinity.schleiff.net

The handbook is the result of many years of field experience in the application of rapid chemical test-kits for testing important parameters on soil fertility (salinity, alkalinity, pH, nutrients, CEC, ESP Cl, NO3, gypsum, carbonate etc.), quality of irrigation-, ground- and drainage waters (ECeff., SAR and SARMg-adj. etc) and nutrient status of plants (N, P, K). The presented methods are developed to serve as effective tools to identify, to manage and to monitor limiting factors for growth of plants (ranging from salt-sensitive plants to halophytes) and environment under saline conditions. More than 100 tables and figures are offered for data evaluation with respect to crop production and environment protection. Special attention is given to Mg-salinity with respect to soil physical effects. The urgent need for a separate evaluation of soil osmotic and soil matric water potentials on plant water supply and plant growth is postulated. In addition a general concept on the contribution of the rhizospheric soil for the salt tolerance of plants is presented (horizontal salt distribution around roots of different morphologies within irrigation cycles). The handbook addresses to agronomists, soil chemists, irrigation engineers and environmentalists involved in the preparation and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of irrigated areas opposed to salt-affected soils, saline waters and environments. For more information, please visit the homepage, which offers an expanded list of contents including tables and figures.

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